Meet Our Founder and Visionary Brittany D Chandler, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC.

About Align integrated care

Brittany has been serving the Mental Health community for the past six and a half years, however she was introduced at an early age seeing her loved ones sent to hospitals for months and years at a time for treatment. Some would never return back to the way she remembered them before they left. This was the seed that was planted years ago and it has now manifested to the birth of ALIGN, that not only offers outpatient medication treatment but also community resources and intervention to prevent hospitalizations.

With growth ALIGN will not only offer the above but eventually will also integrate therapies including but not limited to nutrition services, yoga, meditation, re-entry programs, mentorships, and substance abuse treatment.

Brittany also brings a spiritual background being the daughter of two ordained ministers of the Christian faith. Though she has this foundation she sees patients of all spiritual backgrounds and non spiritual backgrounds.

Brittany has compassion for our military personnel and families because she herself is a child of a retired Navy father. Last but definitely not least she is the mother of three handsome boys, 10, 2, and 8 months. She loves spending time with them, her parents, sister, and nephew traveling and making memories. She is so family oriented that you will usually see her planning reunions and trips for her extended families often.

Brittany loves hard and does anything to help others that she comes into contact with. Brittany believes we all will need alignment in our lives after becoming unbalanced whether it is once or multiple times however she wants ALIGN to be the provider and service you choose to aid in your alignment who will meet you where you are and provide services via Telehealth.