About Align integrated care

Many have asked me what does ALIGN mean or stand for. ALIGN stands for the steps that one must take when attempting to align themselves back to their "baseline." or better!

A vehicle comes out of alignment gradually over time from treading over minor imperfections as do we.

One should realize the process for alignment again does not happen overnight nor is it a lifetime guarantee. One may find themselves out of alignment multiple times in their lives due to the wear and tear of life’s imperfections. Alignment is a condition of the present that we hope maintains its position into our future though unlikely. Imperfections may happen daily and we do notrealize what is taking place. The job you interviewed did not come through, the diagnosis you were hoping was not true was confirmed, the relationship you invested in failed, the extra bill that needs to be paid immediately or else, you failed out of classes and will not be able to obtain your degree , the unexpected life lost. How many times have you found yourself needing an alignment?

Step 1: Acknowledgement

In this step, you accept or admit that there is something new happening, something wrong, something out of your normal, and/or something has changed. What has changed? Did something happen to create this change? Was it coming all along? In driving the vehicle after so many miles, over so many imperfections in the road, you notice that the car veers off to one side, the gas life has shortened, the vehicle does not feel safe to operate. This is something new happening, something wrong, something out of the normal, and/or something must have changed. In life, you may notice that there are now more sad days than happy days, you can’t sleep or eat as before, you are not taking care of yourself, isolating, hopelessness, worthlessness, difficulty focusing, irritability, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, hallucinating, and paranoia. Life is veering off to the wrong side, your gas life has shortened, and/or your “vehicle” is no longer safe to drive. Acknowledge, accept, and admit that it is time to check out what is wrong or no longer the same.

Step 2: Learn to Listen

Life will continue on regardless, it is your job to learn to listen to your body for what is wrong or what is needed. Your body will give you warning signals that additional assistance is needed before a crisis comes.

Step 3: Inspect and Identify

Remove all layers in your life to inspect and identify the true issues, do not be afraid to employ others to help in this step.

Step 4: Gain and Grow

Now that we have identified the issue, seek assistance from others such as family, friends, mental health care providers through medication management and therapy.

Step 5: Nourish

Adhere to these things above and see the progress and stabilize.

To ALIGN, is to bring into agreement two or more components of oneself to improve the overall response. The process does not take place overnight and is not done without work but with dedication and definition it can be achieved. The alignment of mind, body, and soul is pertinent in life to fulfill your true purpose.